Friday, July 07, 2017

A Zombie Paragraph

Cremation used to be against our religion. All of God's people were to receive a proper burial following the custom of Abraham, David, and Jesus. Then one night our late pastor returned with his favorite deacons in tow, ripped the church door off at the hinges, and killed old Widow Punkard while she prayed.  We cremated him for his own good as much as ours. When Jesus rose from the dead He did it right: with His mind clear and His wounds closed up tight. No one since has pulled it off half as well. So we wrote pyre into the hymnals where grave used to be, and we all sleep better for the change.


((( bob kek mando ))) - ( You are Welcome ... to go back to the hell hole you came from ) said...


is this why you don't allow zombies to be loud anymore?

El Borak said...

It turns out that zombies are not very good at following verbal instructions.

bob kek mando said...

His wounds closed up tight.

wow. i must have spaced out.

that's a good joke.