Thursday, February 05, 2015

Letter to a Scammer

Nigerian scams are better
than a sharp stick in the eye
Apparently I have gotten onto the main Nigerian Scam email distribution list.  It seems that 3 or 4 times a day, princes, businessmen, philanthropists, and others find an urgent need to wire me money.

I almost always ignore them, but on occasion I'll get one that claims to be from a Christian*.  Today's is from a 58-year-old London cancer victim who wishes to send me $10 million.  Her name is Mrs. Faith Williams, who greets me "in the name of God" and signs off "Yours in Christ."

To those I generally have a canned reply of my own.  Maybe it makes a difference, maybe not.  but at least they cannot say they weren't warned:
Dear friend:
I generally just delete these emails on sight, but yours demanded my attention.  So I wanted to write you back and let you know that you are in terrible peril.  Oh, not from the law; you and I both know that the police can’t or won’t trace down every such email or transaction. Not even from cancer, for we will all die someday. No, you in trouble that will last far beyond death.

You see, you have pretended to be one of Christ's beloved and used his name to defraud another.  One day you’ll stand before him – as we all will – and He will ask you about this very thing.  Then as He promised in Matthew 7:23, He will say to you, “Away from me you evildoer! I never knew you.”

And things will be bad for you, my friend. Forever. Perhaps you do not believe in Christ, or perhaps you did not think at all about what you are doing.  But I urge you, before it is too late, to repent of this evil and ask His forgiveness.  Jesus is kind and gracious to those who turn from their sin.  But to those who refuse, He brings justice. You do not want to receive that justice. Seek Him today, before it is too late.

Yours in Christ,

Bill Hoyt
* Hell, maybe it even is. Christians have done worse, like work for Goldman Sachs.**
** Where they run this same scam much more efficiently. 


fish said...

So I check in to see if I need to finally purge you from the bookmarks and you're posting again?!?!

Why must you toy with me?

El Borak said...

...asked the mouse of the cat...

bob k. mando said...

No, you in trouble

syntax error sighted.

fish said...
So I check in to see if I need to finally purge you from the bookmarks and you're posting again?!?

he never really quit, he's just hiding from you on another blog.