Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh, you didn't know?

It's right there in the book.
Here's a secret:
Many scientists have pointed out that there is something fishy about our universe. The physical constants – the numbers governing the fundamental forces and masses of nature – seem fine-tuned to allow life of some form to exist. The great physicist Sir Fred Hoyle once wondered if the universe might be a “put-up job”.
More recently, the Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom has speculated that our universe may be one of countless “simulations” running in some alien computer, much like a computer game.
That the Universe actually IS a put-up job has been known for millennia.


bw said...

running in some Alien computer

It's all disqualify! humanity with these pagans, no?
If true, they'd then have to do so with whatever it was the Aliens told them that they didn't like.

El Borak said...

That's just the thing. They're fine with believing in 'aliens' so long as those aliens are amorals evolved from rag buckets and not at all angels and demons.

But the idea that the universe actually was created to support life, and that there's lots of life that we can perceive and also some that we cannot, is for some strange reason unscientific (i.e. religious) claptrap.