Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christians and the Spirit of Fear

Snoop this week featured a post called, "Meet the Religious Right" that showed footage from some TV show or other. In the show, a Christian woman of substance returns to her family from a week in the home of a non-Christian family and completely freaks out, screaming at her family over the fact that the woman who replaced her might have exposed them to astrology and banishing everyone in sight from her home while being reduced to a blubbering pile.

Hey, I'm as opposed to astrology as anyone; stars should be relied on to sing the Gospel instead of telling the future. And I certianly understand that this woman is not "all Christians." She's certiainly not me, who is probably as "fundamental" as anyone you are likely to meet. But seriously, what kind of churches teach this kind of fear? Click thru to Snoop and watch the vid (if you can; I couldn't even watch the whole thing). We have a woman who seems to understand that Jesus is king; but that does not make one who is walking as Jesus taught.

Was Jesus ever reduced to an incoherent, blubbering pile with fear over the world? I think not. In fact, John taught that Jesus (and we through Him) had already overcome whatever powers manifest themselves in the world.

Did Jesus run around screaming about what kind of prayer warrior he was? I think not. He simply prayed, even on the very night he was to be betrayed and crucified.

Did the early Christians make a freaking spectacle over the unbelief of their neighbors, being reduced to sobbing Jabbas-the-Hutt whenever their families came in contact with the world? Of course not. Paul taught that Christians were to shine with light in that world, no matter what they came in contact with.

This woman does not, obviously, represent all Christians. But it's just sad to see Christians who have obviously not taken to heart Jesus' message concerning the things of the world: "In the world you will have trouble: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

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